Shrink wrap can offer protection and peace of mind that your project or investment will stay dry and out of the elements.


about us

Rhino Shrink Wrap is a Canadian owned professional business and offer state of the art services in protecting the environment and also protecting your project or investment. We deliver innovative and cost effective solutions to project demands and deadlines. These solutions incorporate both classical and contemporary knowledge of containments and ensuring that tried and tested approach to problems that arise with various projects due to weather. We can work with you and custom create any enclosure to adequately serve the needs of your project.

The staff at Rhino wrap are capable in delivering services both the management and technical levels. We have staff that can work independently and as part of an integrated team. We have provided services through a variety of projects, including owner-consult relationships, public-private partnerships and are involved in the design-build processes. 


What for? and why shrinkwrap?

  •  We can create a tough skin tight containment that is both cost effective and labour friendly.
  • Shrink wrap enclosures enhance trade production time so workers can work all year.
  • We can create a enclosure to mitigate hazards on site and protect the public. 
  • Construction project protection and temporary site shelters from the outside environment. 
  • Hazardous materiels containments.
  • Cheaper alternative to tarps and a fraction of the labour to install. 
  • Very versatile when it comes to different projects to wrap, we can come up with innovative ways to get your project covered.
  • Aesthetically visually appealing making your job site look tidy and well maintained.